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Structure LearnIng of ProbabilistiC logic progrAmS with Em over bdds

SLIPCASE performs a beam search in the space of structures of Logic Programs with Annotated Disjunctions.

The refinements are scored by estimating the log likelihood of the data by running a small number of iterations of EMBLEM.

You can find a manual here: htmlpdf.

Elena Bellodi and Fabrizio Riguzzi. Learning the structure of probabilistic logic programs. In Stephen H. Muggleton, Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad, and Francesca A. Lisi, editors, Inductive Logic Programming 21st International Conference, ILP 2011, London, UK, July 31 – August 3, 2011. Revised Papers, volume 7207 of LNCS, pages 61-75, Heidelberg, Germany, 2012. © Springer, Springer. The original publication is available at [ bib | DOI | .pdf ]