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DISPONTE it is inspired by the Distribution Semantics, made famous by Taisuke Sato in 1995. The basic idea is to annotate axioms of an ontology (by means of OWL annotations) with a probability, for example, in the axiom
0.6 :: Cat is-a Pet
the probability value specifies a degree of belief in the truth of the axiom and is intended as an epistemic probability.


DISPONTE probability is the probabilistic annotation that must be used in the knoweldge bases adopting the DISPONTE semantics for defining probabilistic axioms.

The main IRI is:

You can also indifferently use the following IRI:

The probabilistic axiom 0.6 :: Cat is-a Pet can be defined using all the OWL syntaxes. In the following some example using different syntaxes.

OWL/XML syntax
      <AnnotationProperty IRI=""/>
      <Literal datatypeIRI="&rdf;PlainLiteral">0.6</Literal>
   <Class IRI="#cat"/>
   <Class IRI="#pet"/>
OWL Functional syntax
SubClassOf(Annotation(<> "0.6") :cat :pet)
Turtle syntax
:cat rdf:type owl:Class ;
     rdfs:subClassOf :pet .

[ rdf:type owl:Axiom ;
   owl:annotatedSource :cat ;
   owl:annotatedProperty rdfs:subClassOf ;
   owl:annotatedTarget :pet ;
   <> "0.6"
 ] .